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April Santé Prévoyance optimises management of its incoming mail

To free space and manage information better, April Santé Prévoyance has set up a paperless platform for its incoming mail. Set up within six months, the project met with considerable success among users and produced several benefits.

April Santé Prévoyance launched in 2006 a large project of incoming mail dematerialisation with the objectives of making available digital documents to administration services and avoiding paper archive circulation. Scanning quality was a major factor in this project which included three steps: acquisition of appropriate scanners in terms of volume and processing time, the implementation of scanning software and introduction of an EDM (Electronic Document Management) solution. Started in early 2007, after a wide-ranging solution search and selection phase, the project is up and running since May 2007. It is a genuine success and has been constantly upgraded over the years, with the backing of Spigraph, a provider that has supported April throughout the process.