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Finance Services - Improve client services, reduce processing costs and increase efficiency

Streamline document-centric, time-and-information sensitive processes across your bank, brokerage firm or financial services company. From client-facing services for new account opening, loan processing and mortgage handling to administration for human resources and accounts payable, Spigraph has years of experience in delivering secure, cost-effective advanced scanning, capture and process solutions custom-built for the unique needs of financial services organizations.

Finance services
Users: Client services representatives, finance managers and other business professionals, scalable across branch bank to business departments and corporate offices
Volume: From a few files or documents per day to millions per month
Document type: Applications, identity documents, tax and citizen information
Infrastructure: Full portfolio of scanners, Kofax Capture, Analytics and Transformation Modules


  • Manual handling of client files for reviews and approvals delays time-critical processes
  • Paper-based processes place sensitive client information at risk if documents are able to be viewed or handled by unauthorized personnel
  • Repeat office visits to deliver additional documents for new accounts, mortgages or loans can be frustrating for clients
  • New regulatory or compliancy requirements create additional tasks which – if not properly integrated with existing processes - can be burdensome for employees


  • Robust, best-of breed scanners for branch, departmental or centralized scanning
  • Multi-channel, advanced capture technology for onboarding, classifying, indexing, routing and processing client files and other documents – all managed via a single platform
  • Export data seamlessly and securely into any workflow, finance platform or business system
  • Fully integrated with MS Office Suite, including SharePoint and Office365
  • Powerful dashboards and analytics, enabling real-time access to customer and internal data
  • Mobile capture enables documents and data to be captured in the field, securely uploaded and instantly available in critical business systems


  • Streamline new account opening – for a bank account, loan, mortgage or credit application
  • Capture information directly at the source of its creation and route it directly to the appropriate person or to a back office platform – eliminating paperwork and processing delays
  • Reduce operating expenses by taking cost out of inefficient, manual processes
  • Deliver better service at the start of a new client relationship, improving customer engagement
  • One platform to scan, capture, manage and process all information – providing a single point of truth for business critical data
  • Completely secure technology and auditable processes for managing data – fully compliant with business and industry regulatory requirements