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Cost-effective, industry-leading solutions for BPOs, Shared Service Centers and Document Processing Companies

Optimize workflows and reduce operating costs for managing client documents. From high-volume production environments to ad-hoc distributed scanning, Spigraph’s unique portfolio of solutions enables you to reduce processing costs, improve client service and develop new revenue streams for your document processing business.

BPO / Service Bureau
Users: BPOs, Shared Service Centers and DBPOs (BPOs specializing in document processing)
Volume: From high-volume production scanning environments to mid-volume departmental or branch locations to ad-hoc document capture from remote sites or client locations
Document type: Digital or paper documents, web content, text, chat and other content formats
Infrastructure: Flexible depending upon BPO or Shared Service Center requirements, including high-speed scanners, advanced capture software, mobile capture applications


  • High costs - for courier services to deliver paper documents and for document preparation prior to scanning
  • Variable workloads during peak or slow periods can be costly to manage
  • Service SLAs often don’t align with peak production times
  • Diverse infrastructure is expensive for IT to manage and maintain
  • Electronic documents formats arrive in different file sizes and image quality
  • Job configuration set-up can be time-consuming and inflexible, and multiple jobs running simultaneously can be difficult to manage


  • Scanning infrastructure and capture technology which are scalable from a single scanning station to multi-site production centres
  • End-to-end management to process all incoming documents – from ad-hoc, distributed scanning at a client site to centralized, high-volume production
  • Multi-channel capture platform – able to manage input from any source, including post and paper documents, digital formats, web forms, social and mobile applications
  • Support for consulting, integration, project management and deployment
  • Industry or process-specific solutions for BPOs who are processing high document volumes for insurance, financial services, healthcare, public sector and other clients


  • Flexible, cost-effective pricing with SLAs to meet BPO-specific needs
  • Faster processing time, with less downtime and built-in redundancy
  • Less manual intervention, resulting in fewer errors and higher business efficiency
  • Flexible platform which is easily adaptable to different jobs and workloads
  • Actionable data from custom dashboards and real-time reporting & monitoring capabilities