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Customer testimonial


The ACV are making their documents secure and facilitating public access to them

In order to protect precious and fragile documents, the Archives Cantonales Vaudoises asked Spigraph to set up a digitisation workshop suited to the very speci c needs which the i2S scanner and software solutions meet.

The organisation in charge of the Vaud (Switzerland) canton archives is undertaking the digitisation of 2,344 land registers and nearly 4,000 maps of the region, including some which are nearly 10 metres long.

‘The oldest registers date back to the 17th century,’ explains Gilbert Coutaz, Director of the Archives Cantonales Vaudoises. ‘It is a source of exceptional quality and it is under threat, so we need to protect it.’ ‘The documents are regularly consulted by surveyors, lawyers or even private individuals,’ says Jérôme Guisolan who is in charge of the cantonal digitisation project. ‘Getting these documents out is not always easy because of their size and weight which makes it dif cult to transport them. Furthermore, regularly consulting the originals damages them.’

The organisation therefore decided to digitise its archives to protect its originals and provide the public with digital copies. ‘When you commit to a project where the challenge is to preserve cultural heritage, you are looking for an effective solution as well as a quality partner,’ adds Gilbert Coutaz. ‘We needed a reliable company which could support us over time and with future technical and IT developments. That’s why we chose Spigraph. They met requirements and the breadth of scope covered by their experts ensured that the comprehensive solution implemented and maintained for us by one contact was a long-term one. It is more reassuring than having multiple companies who blame each other when there is the slightest problem.’