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Biomnis optimizes management of its scanners

By centralizing purchases and tasking Spigraph with the maintenance of all its scanners, the Biomnis group has optimized the management and visibility of its installations.

Established in 1897, Biomnis, formerly Laboratoire Marcel Mérieux et Claude Lévy, meets the requirements of independent laboratories but also hospitals and clinics in all medical biology disciplines: molecular diagnoses, assisted reproductive technology, specialized biochemistry, etc. The Group's expertise supports laboratories via its two multidisciplinary platforms in Paris and Lyon. It also operates in other sites in Bordeaux and Dublin and has its own integrated logistics subsidiary, TSE Express Médical, which collects and forwards more than 5 million samples per year.

"On average, we process between 15,000 and 40,000 tests per day, explains John Wilson, in charge of non-production purchasing at Biomnis, i.e. representing as many patient files and prescriptions that need to be scanned and recorded in our DMS (document management system). Our two sites in Paris and Lyon are equipped with industrial scanners, but we also have several office scanners in our subsidiaries to scan files. In all, we own some forty or so scanners."