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Enable your customers to engage – anytime, anyplace – via mobile, chat, SMS, web form, email or post

Customer communication is the core of your business. Spigraph solutions helps you to ensure information flows easily between your customers and your company and that accurate data is accessible to your client representatives, especially during times when your customers need you most.

Smart solutions to streamline communication

Our correspondence management solutions are powered by industry-leading technology and include multi-channel data capture from any source, automatic classification of information by type, and instant import into your client management system or other applications. All information is managed by one platform, which provides a single point of truth. The result? Accurate data delivered in real-time to client service representatives is visible directly in their daily business systems - ensuring you can quickly manage requests, have the right data available to make informed decisions and respond to client queries with the information they need.

Mobile capture processes customer information directly from the field

Agents can initiate new services or update existing portfolios on the spot, with new client information uploaded instantly via mobile scanners or mobile applications, which can either scan paperwork directly in the field or capture data from a picture of the document. 

Facilitate client engagement – anywhere, anytime

A client can send any type of correspondence via the web, smartphone or tablet, fax, post or email. This is especially important when a client has an urgent request and quickly needs help – and perhaps an sms or chat is the only way to reach your company. Next, entirely without manual intervention, intelligent classification software powered by Kofax immediately recognizes the type of communication as a new query, insurance claim, update to the client’s data, invoice or change request. The information is then exported into the relevant customer or claim system and visible immediately to an agent who can manage the request.


  • Better client experience increases customer loyalty and reduces client turnover
  • Faster, more accurate information with real-time visibility in your client management systems means that agents and representatives can rapidly react and respond to issues or queries
  • Automated classification minimises manual intervention and exception handling of client records, improving claims and application processing and reducing operating costs
  • Secure, auditable  processes ensures client data is only accessible to authorized agents