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Improve accuracy, streamline in-process queries and accelerate resolution for insurance claims

Enable clients to upload claims directly to your client portal - facilitating better transfer of necessary documentation required for the insurance claim. Learn about this and other unique solutions available through Spigraph.

Automate the claims process directly at the customer site, integrate with your business process

An insurance claim often involves a lot of paperwork, including claims forms, invoices, receipts, testimonials, identity documents and other proofs to support the claim. Customers typically email scanned documents or send them via post. However, the quality of scanned documents can vary and post can be slow; during review, additional documents may be required before the claim can be processed. Empower your clients to better manage their claims by giving them browser-based access to scan and process documents and upload them directly into your claims processing system.

Increase visibility and improve client updates during the review process

Insurance companies can realise huge benefits by automating claims management, minimizing manual tasks and providing visibility throughout the process for review and approvals.  Claims are classified – for example, by type of claim – upon receipt, and relevant data is automatically extracted and validated. This minimizes manual entry and exception handling, as only completed, accurate claims are sent further for processing. Data can be exported into a claims processing or management system and is visible to authorized staff for review and approvals. Analytics tools provide an overview of all incoming claims, helping to manage workflows, ensure proper staffing and eliminate potential bottlenecks.


  • Decrease claims processing time, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • Improve data quality, minimize errors and exception handling
  • Provide real-time analytics, ensuring claims managers have visibility into the status of a claim and can provide accurate updates for client queries about claims in progress
  • Faster approval times and greater transparency throughout the process helps speed the resolution of insurance claims and refund clients – providing better service and increasing client satisfaction