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New Account Opening

Onboard new clients quickly and easily with a solution for new account opening that helps you securely manage new applications and all relevant documentation, reduce manual tasks, streamline approvals and improve time to process

Close the “field-to-office” gap for initiating the process for new applications or proposals

When an insurance agent visits a new customer, speed is of the essence when submitting the application and managing the approval process. Customers want to receive new offers promptly and have quick decisions about their applications. Ease the paperwork burden by enabling insurance agents to scan contracts and related documents directly from the field and upload data immediately into your business system. This enables field agents to concentrate on new business, not managing paperwork and ensures service managers can immediately start processing new customer contracts. 

Streamline reviews, enabling rapid, informed decisions in the application to contract process

Electronic copies are uploaded directly to a client portal, sent as an email attachment or routed immediately into the insurance company’s central processing site. Classification tools automatically identify the document or content type as information related to a new account opening. The data is uploaded to your client management platform, where the insurance administrator reviews the application, secures the proper approvals and generates a proposal for a new contract.


  • Accelerate approvals and decrease in-field administration by initiating your application process directly at its source of origin
  • Digitize documents and minimize manual handling of paperwork, reducing operating cost and risk that confidential data is compromised 
  • Reduce filing and storage costs, saving office and warehouse space for housing physical documents
  • Increase proposal-to-close ratio for new customers, boosting productivity and improving your bottom line
  • Deliver world-class customer engagement and enhance your market competitiveness