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The document capture package

Spi.Factory not only digitises documents, but also processes, indexes, checks and integrates scanned images directly into your business process.Spi.Factory is suitable for any technical architecture and each of its functions can be installed in different modes (thick client, thin client, server terminal) on one or more sites.

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Spi.Factory is compatible with any scanner on the market equipped with a TWAIN driver. As such, it can be used to scan any type of document (papers, books, drawings, etc.)

Image processing
Spi.Factory optimises image quality and enables easier document processing due to its very rich library of processing functions (ranging from the most basic to the most advanced). Processing can be automated or controlled by a user.  

Spi.Factory enables reliable data capture by means of assisted indexing in a customised form, dynamic multi-level indexing with document grouping and separation, entry checking for each field (date, amount, name, etc.)

Quality control
Spi.Factory guarantees optimal image quality and allows you to obtain data matching predefined criteria.

Spi.Factory enables document transfer and integration in industry applications for full document and data ownership.
Spi.Factory can be used to assess the business process and operator performance in real time. This makes it possible to determine and optimise production costs.

- Integration of scanning function in industry application, even in Web mode
- Local or remote scanner control with or without software installation

Image processing
- Real-time image processing
- Image size hypercompression
- Optical character recognition

- Dynamic fields interfaced with a database
- Automatic document separation via barcode or zonal OCR

Quality control
- Image and index checking configuration as per NF 2859-1-1989 standard based on project-related quality criteria
- Batch acceptance or rejection management (viewing and tracking)
- Checking operation summary and statistics

- Extensive output formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A, PDF-MRC, XML, Text, etc.
- Automatic scanned file naming

- Automatic roll-out and configuration monitoring
- Workflow management
- Production monitoring, reporting, statistics, tracking

Implement a digitisation package for your documents.
• Reduction in manual collection note processing costs by rolling out a decentralised capture package (80 sites – industrial waste)
• Document capture package for optimised branch account opening  (30,000 workstations – bank)

Publishers / Integrators:
Link one or more Spi.Factory SDK (Software Development Kit) features in your software packages.
• Improved legal database management process by integrating an automated capture tool in the industry application
• Improved scanned image quality by integrating the hypercompression SDK into the electronic document management tool

Service providers:
Use all or part of Spi.Factory in your various digitisation processes to address your customers' issues. Spi.Factory is available in SDK or framework format, and in project mode for your specific developments.
• Support and set-up for complete civil status record digitisation workshop (scanning, indexing, processing and checking of 400,000 records)
• Roll-out of automated processing sequence for cultural heritage scanning project (6 million WWI records)

Cultural heritage:
Use the most advanced scanning, image processing, indexing and quality control features for optimal processing of your valuable images.
• Improved quality control to rolling out a deliverable management tool and processed batch acceptance or rejection (sampling checks)
• Automated botanical image capture and processing for easier Intranet consultation (13 million sheets of drawings)