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September 17th, 2018 | Tech News

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Canon adds enhanced network connectivity to partner propositions with next generation of production scanners

LONDON, 17th September 2018 - Canon Europe, world-leader in imaging solutions, has today announced the launch of the imageFORMULA DR-G2090, DR-G2110 and DR-G2140. A significant update to its production scanner technologies, the new devices combine high volume A3 scanning capabilities with enhanced efficiency, high image quality and optional LAN interface. These features enable partners to address the evolving business requirements of their customers who are increasingly looking for high quality document capture via shared devices without the need for additional hardware. The availability of software development kits (SDKs) means that partners are also able to customise their offering with bespoke applications designed to meet individual customer needs.

Canon’s next generation imageFORMULA DR-G2 series production scanners bring reliability, high quality and simple interoperability into a partner’s information capture portfolio. The diverse devices are capable of meeting the needs of organisations digitising large volumes of documents, enabling partners to expand their customer base into busy corporate mailrooms, centralised departments, specialist scanning bureaus or business process outsourcing companies.

“Businesses today rely on the ability to digitise documents and information quickly, across the entire working environment and easily insert captured information into wider workflows. As a result, our partners need to meet these requirements with an increasingly diversified device portfolio built around simple, flexible connectivity,” said Tim Brosnihan, European Product Manager at Canon Europe. “These new A3 scanners represents everything the modern partner needs; high quality reliability coupled with the flexibility to fit seamlessly into most working environments. By opening up the API for the devices via SDKs, we’re enabling our partners to add even more value to their customer relationships by building bespoke software experiences designed to address specific business requirements.”





Canon DR-G2110

Canon DR-G2110




As partners face increasing demand for connected document capture, the imageFORMULA DR-G2 series’ embedded LAN interface delivers the very latest in integrated connectivity. This helps customers reduce the costs associated with renting desk space and means those with limited space do not need to compromise on the quality of their hardware as the devices can connect via LAN interface or USB, eradicating the need for a dedicated PC or software application.

The scanners also include ISIS/TWAIN/WIA and Kofax VRS Drivers supporting integration into various scanning applications meaning that they can fit seamlessly into customer’s existing hardware configurations.

For businesses that share a single scanning device, Canon Europe is today also announcing the release of the NA10 and WA10 Network Adapters that allow several of Canon’s USB scanners to be connected directly to the network.. For customers that require transactional ad-hoc  scanning, partners can now offer an effective solution for immediate processing at the point of customer engagement, without the need for a PC. The NA10 model comes with wired LAN connection interface while the WA10 model additionally offers a WiFi interface. Both models will be available across Europe in November 2018.



The new devices come equipped with the latest image capture technologies meaning partners can offer the ability to accurately extract data from documents, improve workflow processing and archive information into document management systems. The devices also offer a new image processing mode, Active Thresholding, which allows customers to scan mixed documents with different texts, colours and backgrounds without adjusting imaging settings. Active Thresholding compensates for variations in document background by automatically adjusting brightness for each page.  

In addition, the barcode and 2D code recognition feature offers users the ability to automatically separate batches, sorting them into multipage, named files using the barcode information for file naming or indexing. Active Thresholding and barcode recognition help to free up workers from time-consuming, manual scanning tasks, allowing users to process large volumes of varying document types much more quickly and easily than before.

In addition, the scanner also comes with Canon’s CaptureOnTouch Pro software which has many powerful intelligent features, yet offers a very user friendly easy operation, requiring very little knowledge to get started.



The DR-G2 series models have been designed for high volume environments of up to 70,000 scans a day. They use Canon’s latest CIS Sensor technology and newly-developed onboard DR processor chip that enables high speed scanning and image processing of up to 280 images per minute in colour and at a resolution of 300dpi. Additional productivity enhancing features include a large capacity 500 sheet feeder for handling larger scan batches without interruptions.

The Canon imageFORMULA DR-G2110 and DR-G2140 will be available across Europe from November 2018 and the DR-G2090 form December 2018.




Alongside the new devices, Canon is also pleased to announce that it will be releasing a series of new software development toolkits to support closer integration between its scanner technologies and customer applications and systems. These include a DR Web SDK for easy integration with web-based applications, a new DR- Scanner SDK for bespoke integration, and easy platform for capture application development, as well as new embedded SDK for Canon’s ScanFront 400 Network Scanner.

The devices allow businesses to easily connect popular cloud platforms to a Canon scanner through a plugin, without the need to install a programme. This enables partners to deliver additional value to their customers through the development of bespoke apps designed to build workflows around existing processes. The ability to build bespoke experiences on top of the Canon platform also means that partners can ensure that the new devices fit seamlessly in to any existing working environment and perform alongside existing workflows. This interoperability means that Canon’s exceptional image capture technology can be introduced into any office environment.