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14 June 2018 | Tech News


Contex Introduces the Market’s Widest and Fastest CCD Scanner

Alleroed, Denmark — June 14, 2018 — Contex, the World Leader in Large Format Scanning, today introduces the HD Ultra X 6000 scanners, the widest, fastest and most productive 60-inch CCD scanners available in the market. Outperforming the competition with color matching and image scanning quality — while exceeding environmental standards — Contex is raising the bar, once again, with the newest addition to its family of scanners. The HD Ultra X 6000 is a premium scanner with multiple productivity-boosting capabilities to give customers long-term value and a quick ROI. The HD Ultra X 6000 scanners comes in two powerful models and will be available from distributors worldwide by September, 2018.
“We are excited to introduce the Contex HD Ultra X 6000 scanners, scanners with numerous distinctions, many of which are based on customer feedback,” comments Jacob Bendix, VP and Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Global Scanning Denmark A/S. “The HD Ultra X 6000 is a scanner like no other. Customers will appreciate the advanced design and engineering that saves time throughout the scanning workflow. The quality results make this scanner a valuable tool in any environment.”
Get More Done

The HD Ultra X 6000 scanners allow users to scan originals up to 61.8-inches, at an unprecedented 17.8 ips — 30% faster than any other scanner in its class. True size detection and instant-ON capabilities cut valuable seconds from production time. Another productivity boost is the new Contex AIO app, which allows users to operate the Nextimage software from a their device.
The Contex HD Ultra X 6000 boasts the fastest data transfer of any scanner in the market. The scanner features both GB Ethernet xDTR2.5 and USB 3.0 SuperSpeed xDTR3 as data transfer technologies. The throttle buffer control eliminates scanner pauses, allowing operators to maintain the fastest scanning speeds, from start to finish. Users no longer wait for scanned data to be processed; they can continuously feed documents to scan.

Exclusive Technologies Deliver Superb Image Quality
The Contex HD Ultra X 6000 scanners offer customers several exclusive imaging advantages. It is the only 60-inch scanner in the market with CCD technology to give users the best image quality possible. The wide format scanner also boasts the highest color rendering index (CRI) thanks to Contex Perfect Light, which uses the latest LED technology combined with specially developed diffusion filters.
Several exclusive technologies also deliver the most advanced color matching and the sharpest scans. These include Contex’s lens spherical correction technology and accuracy lens enhancement (ALE), which minimize optical distortion. The HD Ultra X 6000 scanners also boast X-Rite ICC color technology and Fujifilm camera lenses, which deliver large depth of focus — 7mm — and CCD optics of 1200 DPI. The depth of focus enables the HD Ultra X 6000 scanners to capture documents of all types — especially thick, delicate, or with irregularities — with ease.

Scan Thick and Thin Documents Easily and Static-free
Optimal Thickness Adjustment Control (OTAC) enables users to quickly adjust the HD Ultra X 6000 scanners to the required paper thickness, with just the press of a lever. Feather mode also protects delicate originals and extra-thin documents.
Contex’s new, speed-matched roller system makes it fast and easy to load documents, and eliminates skewing. Operators can choose between center and side loading, or use the adjustable paper guide for smaller documents.
Another notable feature is the scanner’s static-free, touchless glass system and steel, anti-static feed table that minimizes friction. It also reduces maintenance costs over time from worn scanner glass.
Exceeding Environmental Standards
Contex is committed to exceeding environmental standards, and the newest scanner is a reflection of it. For example, the HD Ultra X 6000 scanners are designed with instant-ON scanning capabilities. Operators can simply load and scan originals, without requiring the scanner to warm-up. The LED light source also saves energy by automatically turning off in between scans. The LED light source is also guaranteed to last the scanner’s lifetime.
The HD Ultra X 6000 scanners exceed Energy Star consumption standards, and is RoHS compliant.
The HD Ultra X 6000 scanners are available as a stand alone scanner (Contex AIO optional) or a ScanStation Pro configuration, which includes a stand, touchscreen monitor, and Nextimage REPRO software (Contex AIO optional). The HD Ultra X 6000 scanners can be networked to any leading printer.

For more information, visit a Contex distributor, or contact info@contex.com.

About Contex
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