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Designed to add functionality to Kofax Express and Kofax Capture software

CaptureBites are software add-ons that improve performance, increase efficiency of document processes and enhance the value of your capture solution.  CaptureBites are available for numerous capture software applications, including Kofax Express, Kodak Capture Pro or any other capture software that accepts plug-ins.

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CaptureBites are the perfect tools to help organizations increase their return on investment and generate better performance from their scanning environment. They are easy to purchase and modular to fit your specific scanning needs. CaptureBites modules make it easy to scan and digitize documents for scan to email, batch scanning and registered mail scanning. You can add bar codes and imprint codes or identifiers onto documents. CaptureBites helps you clean-up images, manage metadata, password-protect confidential documents and securely send them to remote folders.

You can also integrate your scanned documents seamlessly into your back office, with integrations into SAP, DocuShare, Alfresco and Kofax.  And if you don’t see exactly what you need in our CaptureBites menu, you can also customize CaptureBites to create the specific tools you need to optimize your scanning infrastructure.   

Alfresco Export Connector - Scan batches, automatically index them with bar codes or OCR and export directly into Alfresco.

AutoBites -Fully automate the import, image processing, bar code indexing and export of document images

Booklet Splitter -Scan booklets or saddle stitched books and split the images in individual pages

Custom CaptureBites -For feature requests or if you require a new or custom CaptureBite

Database Export Connector -Update your database instantly with document index information through ODBC

Digital Imprinter -Imprint your scanned documents electronically during export

DocuShare Export Connector -Export documents directly into DocuShare collections and map index fields with object properties

Dual Export Connector - Export a single batch of documents in two different file formats to two destinations with a single click

Email Export Connector - Scan batches of documents and assign an email address to each document.

ERP Document Export Connector for SAP R/3 - CaptureBites teamed up with KGS Software to develop the CaptureBites ERP Document Export connector for use with SAP R/3.

Folded Export Connector - Define index, folder and file names, TIFF settings, PDF settings (such as bookmarks, password) and full text output

Folded Form Splitter -Scan folded forms and split the resulting long images in individual pages

KCIC Web Services Export Connector - Connect a scan client application such as Kofax Express to Kofax Capture

MetaTool - Extract index data fully automatically through OCR, cleanup images, merge documents based on an index field, etc.

Password Protected PDF -Export password protected PDFs for confidential and legal documents, medical records, financial statements etc.

Registered Mail Solution - Scan your registered mail with Kofax Express and print out registered mail forms to a printer of choice

Secure File Transfer Export Connector -Transmit documents and index data to remote sites over a secure and encrypted connection

ViewBites - Export to external media (such as DVD, USB stick, HDD) including a free viewer and search engine.