High volume document scanners

Scamax 413BS

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Product advantages
  • Productive and extremely robust
  • Speed 90 ppm - ADF capacity of 500 A4/A3 sheets
  • Image quality: 600 dpi optical resolution
  • Image processing: ''Perfect Document Technology''
  • Scanners Inotec upgradable en vitesse et en couleur
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The InoTec Scamax 4x3 range includes document scanners combining reliability and performance for handling large scanning volumes. The Inotec Scamax range consists of 12 models, defined on the basis of the following specifications:
- Speed: 90 ppm, 120 ppm, 150 ppm or 170 ppm
- Duplex or Simplex mode
- Acquisition mode: B&W and grayscale or Colour

With a throughput speed of 120 ppm and an ADF capacity of 500 A4/A3 sheets, the InoTec Scamax 413 is extremely productive. It is specially designed for continuous unlimited round-the-clock scanning. Additionally, the throughput speed of the InoTec Scamax 413 is the same for B&W, colour and grayscale. The InoTec Scamax 413 features a Gigabit network connection (including cable), guaranteeing high-speed image transfers.  The InoTec Scamax 403 is also equipped with ultrasonic double feed detection, enhanced paper handling and an ejection mechanism, ensuring dependable paper feed and increasing productivity. The InoTec Scamax 413 is suitable for scanning with an optical resolution of 600 dpi.

The InoTec Scamax 413 features a touch screen controller, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Due to the high-quality paper feed, the operator can scan very mixed documents easily, without needing any pre-settings. The ergonomics and design of the InoTec Scamax 413 have been devised to make it accessible for all users. InoTec Scamax scanners generate the lowest running costs in their class. All the image processing features included in the scanner not only offer the advantage of not impacting scanning speed, but also do away with the need to invest in a high-spec PC and a SCSI card. Scamax 4x3 scanners are free from glass components, avoiding the need for costly replacements and include pre-scan (front) and post-scan (reverse) endorsers as standard. The inexpensive power supply kits and Energy Star technology also help keep running costs low.

The InoTec Scamax 413 features multistream technology, allowing you to generate three types of images simultaneously. An array of image processing features (Perfect Document Technology) is also included without impacting the scanning speed. The InoTec Scamax 413 also includes colour calibration software and handles blank page removal automatically, for an optimal end result.
Investing in a Scamax scanner will not limit performance, since these scanners are fully upgradeable in terms of speed (90 ppm > 120 ppm > 150 ppm -> 170 ppm) and acquisition (B&W and Grayscale > Colour).

Speed B&W (A4 Landscape) 120 ppm (600 dpi)
Speed Colour (A4 Landscape) 120 ppm (600 dpi)
ADF 500 sheets
Duty cycle No limit
Format A4/A3
Duplex Yes
Capture Colour, Greyscale and Black & White (according to model)
Optical resolution 600 dpi
Max document length 60 - 2075 mm
Max document width 28 - 317.50 mm
Connection(s) Gigabit
Interface Twain and ISIS
Size closed (L x H x P mm) 510 x 365 x 650
Weight (Kg) 39
Electric characteristics N / A